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Give your home an instant make-over with USA Tech Tiles Peel & Stick Tiles


USA Tech Tiles are self adhesive wall tiles made of non-toxic polyester vinyl and 3D gel effect resin. Great for DIY projects, no grout, glue, or special tools needed.  Just cut, peel and stick! 


Transform your kitchen, bathroom, or any smooth surface.  USA Tech Tiles are everything you need to create a beautiful-looking accent to any wall.


Jump into that DIY renovation today and see for yourself!

* Humidity, heat resistant and UV protected.
* Can be used on or over any smooth surface, even decorative use in bathrooms.
* Upgrade your space with minimal hassle and lasting durability.  
* Anti-bacterial, anti-mold, food safe, easy to clean and eco-friendly. 
* Each 10"x10" tile covers .6944 square feet. 


USA Tech Tiles are the only peel and stick tiles made in the USA!


USA Tech Tiles

  • Installation:

    • Measure the surface area to determine the number of tiles needed for your project.

    • Clean surface and let dry completely.

    • For a smaller space, trim tile to desired size using a ruler and a sharp pair of scissors.

    • Peel paper lining and stick tile to desired space.

    • Once in place, apply pressure on all sides & center of tile.

    • Do the same with the rest of the tiles.

    • For multiple applications to create a wall, stagger the vertical lines & edges for optimum results.

  • Use only mild soap or non-abrasive cleaner with warm water on damp cloth to clean tile surface. Do not use harsh chemicals or agents.

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